Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colors in My Life !!

Continuous toil
Endless Strife
Tranquil Mornings
Restless Nights
Keep telling my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Limitless Skies blue and gray
Proclaim life changes day by day
Fresh Orange Dawn to fading yellow Dusk
Keep Singing in Rhyme
To tell my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Deep red rushing inside me
Sets my heart and mind on the lee
When the cupid strikes
With its enriching might
Suggesting my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Mourning black strikes my Life
With evil Satan creeping in Life
Striving to dampen my lively spirit
To let me down with my right
It just suggests my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Shades of gray I carry as I grow wise
Are over-shadowed by the green
Making me feel like a new born child
Overwhelming my life
Suggesting my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

With many more colors in my life
I try Clinging onto white
Free from sin and so light
Depicting majestic patience & enduring might
Encapsulating various colors
White suggests my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

© Meghna, 2011, All rights reserved.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Waiting for the Rain in My Life !!

It's raining in my city
From the burdened clouds of mournful grey
Spectacular green striking all over
Kids in mirth
People in gay
But I am still the same
With a bright light in my eyes
Waiting for a downpour in my Life
With a Storm inside me
I keep the Lord in my Sight
I demand you O Lord
Sooth the atrocities i am subjected to
Waiting for his counsel
Waiting for eternal peace
My heart cries out to Lord
Teach me the art to deal with the pain,
people give with their spoken-unspoken words
Heal my heart with that magical drop
That magical drop of rain !!

© Meghna, 2011, All rights reserved.

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Ode To Life

I heard once, Stillness is what creates Love , Movement is what creates Life, to be "still" and still "moving" - that is everything. But for me that is Life :)

Today I am again alive
Thinking Life is Magical
Thinking Life is wondrous

Having wounded by the sniffles and hardships
Life offered me the art of endurance
I soon realized Life is a perfect instrument
Playing tunes of happiness, hardest blows and tenderness.

Throughout Loneliness haunted me
Having tremendously bruised by despair
Life gifted me with patience
Life gave me the deep unbounded faith in the Almighty
Thus offering me the ray of Hope

Walking through the long, narrow,thorny and curvaceous roads of Life
I promise you Life to Smile
I promise to make others believe in Life
My ambition in Life remains
Not to Let you down "Life"

-One of the Life Strugglers "Meghna"

Here I Start :)

I firstly want to thank the angel of God for inspiring me to start with my Blog.

After a lot of brainstorming , on what to begin with, I finally decided to start with my heartfelt topics on my best friend and guide, GOD.
So, finally I start up with a tribute to the most adorable and magical force in my Life "God"

My heartfelt tribute to The Magician Of My Lonely Life "Lord"

Lord, I ask for forgiveness for showing lack of faith in your existence during tough,hard-hitting and harsh times in life. I thank you for all the mercies received.I must ask for forgiveness, for showing scanty belief in you and your limitless, endless and magical powers during the time life offered the biggest blows to me. But, now I realize that all happened to make me the Human I am today. Please never leave my hand, and keep showing me the righteous and bright path in Life. Make me the most humble, truthful and loyal beings on earth, so I can stand upright and ask for the most deserving invaluable dreams of my Life. Make me dauntless and courageous for facing the pains I have to be subjected to. Give me no pride, give me the humbleness to understand others pain and make make that my own. I know you are, you will and always remain with me. Fill me with your benedictions.

I love you God and am not afraid to share this with the world and spread your word.

Thank You Lord for everything.

This is your Ardent Disciple Meghna