Saturday, March 23, 2019

Love of a Fossil

Sounding a fossil,
I said...
Love is that scent, 
which wavers for hours after the soul being touched.
Love is that serene beauty,
which slays the depths of eyes.
Love is the bright star,
that sets the soft skies aglow.

Sounding a fossil,
I said...
Love is God,
and God is love.
Love is beyond the physical boundaries,
Nailing the unexplored parts of soul,
in ways undiscovered.

Sounding a fossil,
I said...
God is my master,
and I am the Child.
With soul submerged in innocence ,
I tread on the path of love,
beyond the planes known,
Creating miracles with my master in heart,
each cell exuding sheer love which is pure!

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.