Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Inner calling.

Since last night I have been having mental monologues regarding few life essentials. Oozing them out in words:

Sincerity, honesty and mindfulness are the 3 pillars of life. Dispensing with these 3 aspects makes life futile.
A true seeker takes care of his actions, thoughts and words.
Right actions - sincerity. Right thoughts - mindfulness.  
Right words - honesty.
Why do we live to impress and not to express. In the process of impressing, we compromise on these essentials of life.
Sincerity invites you to ponder over a situation, to try to choose the best course of action, even if it is against your desires.
Mindfulness invites one being totally aware, not only of actions but also thoughts.
Honesty is much more than truthfulness. A spade is a spade, that is the truth. But calling a good spade a good one and a bad one as a bad, is honesty.

The day when we stop impressing, the road to the Supreme becomes more fun-filled.
The gap between impressing and the reality is mere suffering.
We Humans generally  quench our ego by doing things which hampers the path to the Supreme Truth.
Spirituality is not  simply searching for the light outside but it is the search of the light within.
And this light comprises of 3 main ingredients: sincerity, honesty and mindfulness.
It is a journey, not the destination and every bit of this journey is thrilling and worth-living.