Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The new Moon

Treading through the day
Beaten up and Bruised
When suddenly over the high-rise buildings
I saw the moon in the clouds
A delight to the eyes
in this world of concrete and stone

Standing tired with a weary soul on the rooftop
wondering to do or not to do
When the site of the maiden moon
uplifted my defeated soul
Receding back with a hope of white light
I waited for the night after
to welcome the moon

Again the day went by
I leaped back to the roof
searching with eyes eager
to touch the sight of the white glorious crescent
but there was no sign of it
the sky was clear
i waited with my soul wondering
the reasons for delight also pass by...

On the night of new moon
i realized
nothing stays forever
not even the phases
waning or waxing
what comes goes ,
and what goes again comes back...
so why to tire the soul?
or why even to please it?
keep it in a state where
none of the phases
move it anymore!

With a thought renewed
i leaped back into my bed,
to hide inside the blanket,
shedding it all.

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Life or the Purpose

I asked my God,
The way to the township.
God asked me to doubly check,
Whether I want to know the way
To The Graveyard or
To the township?
I felt the question was bizarre.
But my God told the truth that cannot be denied...
Daily the living die in the township.
But the graveyard remains the same,
No one subtracts there,
But  only adds.
The sun that rises ,
Also goes down.
The dead cells grow out in the body,
In the form of hair and nails.
We chop them out,
Without causing the pain.
But when we try to segregate the living organs,
It causes immense pain.
The truth remains,
The cycle of death starts
The day we are born.
We are dying everyday .
We died yesterday.
We will die tomorrow.
Are we living or dying everyday?
The thoughts we carried as a child,
We no longer hold.
The thoughts too wither away.
Everything and everyone is dying.
Did we ever live since the time we took birth ?
When we are not living but dying every moment,
Then why we discuss about the purpose of life ?
Let us turn inward,
And start living now itself,
It is not too late,
To stop dying but to start living.
The day we are born , that day onwards we start dying.
We haven’t even sniffed the fragrance of life,
It is not too late,
Start living...
I thanked my god and stopped searching for the purpose,
but for life itself.

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Saturday, April 13, 2019


In the world of possible and impossible,
Napoleon once said,
Nothing is impossible,
But is it so ?
You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube,
The time given to someone
Cannot be earned back,
The words once spoken
Cannot be taken back,
Trust once lost
Cannot be regained back,
Thoughts given out to the universe
Cannot be reversed,
Emotions once experienced
Cannot be deleted,
One cannot sneeze with eyes open,
And one cannot touch the nose with the tongue :)
Or it seems impossible until it is done?
Let this theory stay unresolved!

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Gifts

The pink butterflies,
Hopping from one flower to another,
Collecting the sweet nectar.
The dried rustling leaves spread across,
Adding to the ruddiness of the forest.
The musical quietness.
The warm scent.
All this made their hideout.
With the two tiny transparent wings,
They glided from one corner to another.
Perfect epitome of beauty,
Outshining with a radiance so brilliant.
Ready to bestow gifts on those who are friends of the brown.
The magical wands they carried,
Sprinkled the golden dust on me all over.
Conferred upon five gifts,
To bless my journey remaining-
“Candles that light up life,
Incense that delights the senses,
Oil that nourishes,
Clay that holds,
Jewelry that beautifies.”
Holding the five tight,
I leapt on my feet,
To board the train,
To the next station of my life ...

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Silent Music

Staying in the jostle of the world

The tick tock of the timeless watch

Times are gone when I would be clustered in this clutter

The innate silence that I carry within

Is the only music I listen to

Be it the titter-tatter

Or the hue and cry

This music that I carry

Is my divine fuel

Few are engulfed in the self

Rest immersed into others

I keep see-sawing in both

Such is the human mind

But this music, my divine fuel

Makes me to go...

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Forbidden Love

Together they took
One step forward
And two steps back
Dreaming to touch the end of the road...

Together they sang
One song in love
And two songs of hatred
Dreaming to ornate the journey to the end of the road...

Together they drank
One sip of sweet elixir
And two sips of hatred
Dreaming to sweeten the experience to the end of the road...

Together they danced
To the tunes of love
Desiring to still make it
But what exists now between the two
Is the infinite space
Of the forbidden love

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Love of a Fossil

Sounding a fossil,
I said...
Love is that scent, 
which wavers for hours after the soul being touched.
Love is that serene beauty,
which slays the depths of eyes.
Love is the bright star,
that sets the soft skies aglow.

Sounding a fossil,
I said...
Love is God,
and God is love.
Love is beyond the physical boundaries,
Nailing the unexplored parts of soul,
in ways undiscovered.

Sounding a fossil,
I said...
God is my master,
and I am the Child.
With soul submerged in innocence ,
I tread on the path of love,
beyond the planes known,
Creating miracles with my master in heart,
each cell exuding sheer love which is pure!

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Circle Of Life

The more I saw,
The more empty I became.
The more empty I was,
The more craving I had.
The more I craved,
The more desires I had.
The more I desired,
The more I chased.
The more I was chasing,
The more I was confused.
The more I was perplexed,
The more I got detached.
The more I was detached,
The more I was attached.
The more I was attached,
The more miserable I was.
All that I received was
Where lies both,
The known and the unknown.

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


I hear silence in those spoken words.
Silence is that carries the unsaid meaning,
In the words untold.
Silence is profound,
Silence is the presence
Of words,
Of nothingness.
Silence is that mysterious presence
Of the unsaid,
Of the unheard,
And yet of what is meant.
Silence is the sound of tranquility.
When silence is muffled up in those spoken words,
The eyes speak out the silence !

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

My Heavenly Mother

Gold glistening on her lips,
emanating only love induced potion
She leaned over me and whispered words of sweetness,
"I am Yours, Your Mother, I Belong to you"

Ichor dripping from her fingertips,
fingers slender and caring,
She placed them on me, confirming
"I am Yours, Your Mother, I Belong to you"

Eyes like the Sun and Moon,
flitting across like the fish,
She lovingly gazed at me, assuring
"I am Yours, Your Mother, I Belong to you"

Nose shining like the perfumed magnolia,
Holding tales of glory on it,
She gently sniffed away all my infirmities, promising
"I am Yours, Your Mother, I Belong to you"

Slender waist encircled with a girdle
Adorning tinkling musical bells,
She gently bent over me, proclaiming
"I am Yours, Your Mother, I Belong to you"

My Mother,
The Flood of Beauty,
Adorning the bright diadem,
Bestowing a diamond from it to me,
She said
"I am an ocean of love
To grasp me,
don't float but dive in,
without any hesitation,
then only will you experience me in totality"

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Quiet Graveyard...

Submerged in own thoughts,
I walked along
the old graveyard.
Daffodils, the cemetery favorite,
etched on stones ...
swaying throughout the graveyard.
A distinct quietness beholds,
The dainty sound of rise and fall of own breath,
the only substance of human distraction.
With the surety of death the stones sing
"The living come today
To read us and go away"
Treading ahead with tired eyes,
I touch each stone,
feeling their faded memories hidden beneath each,
when one stone draws my attention,
belonging to a young girl,
not having a chance to fully live
touching her stone was like touching her heartbeat,
telling me in silent words...
" No difference lies between you and me,
I am tucked away
deep down the stone,
and you are tucked away
deep into your own thoughts of the world,
People would crumble your tender heart anyways,
Soon friendship loses it's light,
so come and bury your thoughts here,
I already made peace with my own,
now it's your turn"

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

That Pink Flower...

Pure and beautiful,
Fragrance intoxicating,
That pink flower has stolen me.

Tender and soft,
With a touch so loving,
That pink flower has stolen me.

Playful and moving,
With a dance so mesmerizing,
That pink flower has stolen me.

Eternal and effortless beauty,
Holding infinity,
That pink flower has stolen me.

Succulently sweet and perfumed,
With a nectar ambrosial,
That pink flower has stolen me.

Spreading warmth under the moon and stars,
Kissing me goodnight,
That pink flower has stolen me.

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A rendezvous with nature

Clad in pink flowing woven silk
I tread through the
the windy grassy pathway,
The warm wet woody aroma
from the spicy earth,
the whistle of the squirrels,
the sizzling sound from the bushes,
the paraphernalia of the blossoming flowers,
all lead me to
a few bamboo houses on the hilltop,
as i touch the hilltop,
The warm rice scent from the houses
adds to the glory of the dusk.
Sitting on a rock,
listening to the kids giggling inside the huts,
making the moment sublime,
in the wink of an eye
i see the twilight,
The glittering night sky gleaming with twinkling stars,
the song of the wind
mark the celebration of a day well-lived.
The moon outshines the scene
with a promise of another day in a few hours,
when a howling dog in the middle of the night,
break my deep slumber,
and I rise up with a jolt
to another day of my city life :-)

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Moth, My Friend !

Tonight I lie down on my bed,
With tears overflowing...
The salted drops gently pat my cheeks
A buzzing moth
The only friend in my room ,
Keeps telling me in words resounding...
Wake up buddy from this never-ending slumber of sadness
The calendar year has changed , it had changed and will keep changing always,
All stays the same
But what should stay unchanged is the smiling spirit on the face,
So let the hurt do what it does
Don’t battle it out
Don’t question it
You just stay pure
Forgive all
Forgive yourself
Release all
Release yourself
It keeps proclaiming,
“Tomorrow is another new day, O my child”
Fall asleep with only love in your being
Nothing holds true
But only love
Let the hurt do what it does
Don’t battle it out but only smile.

© Meghna, 2019, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Note to Self...

People are self-absorbed and egotistical.
Continue to pardon them !

If you are genuine and ardent, people may deceive you.
Continue being wholehearted !

If you are compassionate, people may offend you.
Continue being tender !

If you rise like a sun, you may earn faithful enemies and unfaithful friends.
Continue to keep soaring !

What you create after slogging for years, people may destroy it overnight.
Continue to keep working !

If you stay serene and joyful , people may burn you along in jealousy.
Continue being euphoric !

The good you do to others today, will be forgotten tomorrow.
Continue doing good !

When you invest in people today, they may walk away tomorrow.
Continue investing in them !

Because it is between You and God,
It is not between You and them,
So just Continue...

© Meghna, 2018, All rights reserved.

Monday, October 8, 2018


You are the misty rain which drenches me...
You are the therapeutic oxygen that keeps me alive...
You are the warm blood that flows through my veins...
You are the soft moon that radiates my nights...
You are the gravity that holds me so tight...

You are the one and only 
who holds the key to the sheer joy...
You are the divine plan which holds
the future key...
Just like the love magical that finds the One
I wait for thee...
To dissolve me in thee...
I want to be with you
for the rest of my life.

© Meghna, 2018, All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Goddess Shakti

Thou art mind
thou art ether
thou art air
thou art fire, water, earth too

Thou art the entire universe,
nothing beyond not included in you,
this is your transformation
starting like a heartbeat
ending up in the universe

Thou include all qualities
for transforming subtlest energy into densest matter
you prevail in all

all oblations are done for you
for it is you,
who transforms into the universe

the ultimate consciousness and bliss
ruling as shiva's consort

© Meghna, 2018, All rights reserved.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


You came...
the gloomy dusk of life turned into a dawn beautiful

You came...
the tears of endless pain turned into those of ecstasy

You came...
the silent nights turned into a whispering delight

You came...
the endless slumber turned into musings fragile

You came...
the dry desert of life quenched the digging thirst

You came...
the street noises turned into a musical melody

Is this a dream?
Yes, it is
Reality also becomes a dream
For this moment will become past in the next
And so does reality becomes a dream !

© Meghna, 2018, All rights reserved.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


If you are an artist
be ready to be soaked
If you are a warrior
be ready to be broken
If you are in love
be prepared to be both!

If you are a carpenter
be ready to be nailed
If you are an explorer
be ready to be lost
If you are in love
be prepared to be both!

If you are a saint
be ready to be canonized
If you are a devil
be ready to be purified
If you are in love
be preapred to be both!

If you are in the deep seas
be ready to be swept
For the waters without salt are not tears,
and affection without passion is not love.

© Meghna, 2018, All rights reserved.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Letter to my Fairies

O my dear fairies,
The sentient beings
The nature's gaurdian angels
sensitive to toughts
senstive to emotions
ever absorbing the pain inficted upon us
the animals, the plants, the trees
you care for

wanting us to care
wishing us to protect
the nature sublime

I feel you in the wind
I sense you in the soil
and in the fragrance mild

I dance with you
I sing with you
I revel in your presence
when i gaze upon the moonlit dense bushes
staring at the perfumed flowers
you release all my fears
making me euphoric
you are my natural healer
cover me in your healing embrace

© Meghna, 2018, All rights reserved.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

My kind of Love...

My love doesn't make you fall
but makes you walk with you
making you embrace and love your own scars
in totality

Taking your breath away
making you feel your own heart out loud
infusing the scent of surety
My love is the ocean worth drowning
in the tides of passion and purity

My love doesn't belong to either
The one you kill for
Or the one you would die for
but I carry a love
you would live for

Like the moon loves
My love embraces you like moon
not stealing the night
but it unveils the beauty of your own dark

My love carries the light
that adores you to pieces
with all of my own pieces enrolled

Loving you in ways you've never been loved
Reasons untold...

© Meghna, 2018, All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A love so sincere !

You are my invincible star
Union with you,
Leads to affairs of heart and humanity

You are my winnowing basket
Ridding me of all my insecurities,
just like corn from husk

You are my cosmic waters
Drowning in you ,
purifies and regenerates my soul

You are my full-blown forest
Traversing life with you,
is a an adventure fragrant

You are my star-clad sky
Gazing at you,
makes my eyes bright

You are like that fire
Which grows brighter,
with every desire

You are that solar orb
Lightening up my beauty,
like a gemstone fiery

You are my angelic soul,
making me a whole !

© Meghna, 2017, All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Letter to the Inseparable-Whole

O the divine stream of awareness, Shiva
Only does union with the ultimate energy, Shakti
Endows you with the power to create, protect, destroy
She is the holy grail
The womb where the entire creation
germinates, nurtures and manifests
She saturates you, O Shiva !
You saturate her.
Butter being inherent in milk,
So is Shakti immanent in you.
She takes on your reflection
You take on her's !
A relationship so profound,
Permeating each other so fondly.
Without her, your inherent power remains motionless.
Her absence renders everything inert.
She makes you realize of your own existence,
So deep-rooted is her compassion for you.
Only does acquisition of great merits through endless lifetimes,
Bestows one with the fortune to worship her.
I request you, O Shakti,
the energy with tremendous range of expression,
Bless this worthless worshiper of yours,
With this greatest merit,
Reveal your magnificence to me,
Intoxicate me with You,
And only You.

© Meghna, 2017, All rights reserved.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Message to my Future !

Welcoming Sounds,
Witnessing breath,
Observing the string of ever-flowing thoughts,
Radiating love and blessings to all,
Is the kind of love, that is the signature of my soul
Still I keep wandering everywhere
Just to be merged with that love so dear
Which would make me alive once more
The angels would rejoice that day
When my soul will no longer thirst
Within your arms there will be nothing to fear
All my insecurities will turn into my vigor
Just like the rivers merge with the ocean
Our love will make heaven and earth to merge with sweet emotion
We will build a world of our own
Where our deep bond will keep us warm forever
With hand-in-hand, we will traverse beyond horizon
Treading on this sacred journey as One
Just promise me that day when I bid you adieu, you won't cry,
As the day I say goodbye, will be the day I would die !

© Meghna, 2017, All rights reserved.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Night of May

This first night of May
Someone calls out my name
Spring blossoms tonight
The nature stays silent this night
Standing on the roof top
Gazing at the star clad sky
With soul burning bright
The virgin rose clutched in the hands
Spreads whispers of passion loud
With the feverous winds setting heart on fire
Every cell drinks nature elixir magical tonight
This dream is weaving a shade
On this angel-gaurded night.

© Meghna, 2017, All rights reserved.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Going Home

I am going home
He is waiting for me
With his arms wide open
Every fear is gone

I am going home
He has prepared a room for me
The path is golden
Every thorn is gone

I am going home
He has prepared a golden dust
I have found my freedom
All shackles are gone

I am going home
He is waiting with a crown of jewels
I am his princess
All doubts are gone

I am going home
He waits for me with his smile
I am through the examination
All my struggles are gone

© Meghna, 2017, All rights reserved.

My God

You are my song
You are my Light
Where do I go ?
But merge in you

You are my protector
You are a friend of mine
Whom do I play with ?
But with you

You are my strength
You are my victory
How do I open the door ?
You are the key

You are my food
You are my healer
What do I feed on ?
You are the source

You are my sword
You are my shield
Whom shall I fear ?
You give me victory

There is no one like you
You are mine
You are always by my side
I am not alone

© Meghna, 2017, All rights reserved.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Amidst the dawn of revolt in heaven
A darkness threatened all 
A lone angel descended on earth
To combat the shadow

Born in the infinite starlight
An angel casted into my life from heaven
Dazzled as sheer lightening

A great evil thirsts for my blood
It knows not what I carry
Still it hunts relentlessly

With the graceful wings of the warrior
With his sword of light
He cuts away all the cords of evil
Vacuuming away my agony

Bringing good news
A touch so light
Gentle breeze filling the air
An angel has breathed life into me

© Meghna, 2017, All rights reserved.

Monday, June 20, 2016


O My Lord !
Let me not perish in my folly
Protecting me from
traps and chains of deceit
Keeping me away from scheming hearts
But among hearts drowned in your love alone
Give me the gift of wisdom
Wisdom to discern
Wisdom to discriminate
The gift of few but meaningful words
For I don't want to soil the air in heaven
with my long meaningless prayers
But diffuse only fragrance with my wisdom and words

For You are my Abba and I love you the most !
You are my King, and I stay obedient to you alone !

© Meghna, 2016, All rights reserved.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

For my El Elyon, My Most High God

Abba my father molds me
I delight in my potter

Jehovah Jireh provides for me
I offer myself as a burnt offering

Jehovah Raah leads me to green pastures
I stay obedient to shepherd, my friend

Jehovah Rapha honors me with health
I rejoice in my healer

Jehovah Shalom bestows peace and prosperity
I cast all my anxieties onto him

Jehovah Tsidkenu leads me to righteousness
I choose the road which leads only to Him

Jehovah Mekoddishkem sanctifies me
I am declared holy for, through and in Him

El Shaddai constantly nurtures me
I sing songs of life to and for my Almighty

He is my El Olam
My only everlasting God

© Meghna, 2016, All rights reserved.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Word Ambiguous has only one meaning :-)

Wrong is spelled wrong in the dictionary :-)

Nothing is on fire, fire is on things :-)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Like Jesus...(Dedicated to Fr. Jose Vettiyankal)

Thirty years in bondage,
Life was a stormy sea for him
Heart was tossing to and fro

When he was eight years old,
With an innocent wish of Samson's strength,
Thinking hair held the key
Grew locks long like Samson happily
But a day came to shatter his dreams,
When his crown was chopped ruthlessly
Leaving him in agony
Destroying his childhood dream

Time passed by with a wish of holy anointing
On a wishful charismatic day
God's word came to him
As a ballast for his soul
Driving away loneliness
Strengthening his heart
Bringing uncertainty to an end
Being touched by God's mercy
A dove descended on him

Donning humbleness
Spreading his mission with a radiant face
Climbing up the highest mountain
As hardest it seemed,
But with Jesus as his Master
He found his dreams :)

© Meghna, 2016, All rights reserved.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just a Random Thought !

Life is not about the number of moments we breathe, but the moments which take our breath away !

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Followed and Led

Following His voice mellifluous
I was led to a place
Where clouds are dotted by doves' delight

Following His eyes affectionate
I was led to a season where roses and lavender
bewitch the senses delight

Following His robe seamless
I was led to a teaching
where Mercy and Love
are Divine's delight

Following His smile warm
I was led to a palace
where kindness prevails
the mood's delight

Following His Will Holy
I was led to a Reality
where harsh winter
is also spring's delight

© Meghna, 2016, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Till ...

I kept running
Hopping streets
Fleeting interests
With a Broken Soul ...

All the while
I kept on hoping
A day will come
When you will be here by me
So close that I could die ....

The night was near
Darkness covered me
Evening was leaving
The sun said goodbye ...

Glancing at my past
Smiling with a sigh
All efforts of finding you
Seemed futile ...

With high Winds and storms in my mind
Setting myself on a rock
I sought you earnestly
To take my mind off me ...

Trembling with hopelessness
Withering flames
Drifting away
With wounded soul and salted cheeks
I went lifeless ...

When a soft touch covered me
Like a soft yellow sunshine
Afloat in the clouds
Gentle showers covered my face
Soakin' in your Divine mercy
Infusing hope into my lifeless heart
You took me into your loving arms ...

My heart is not mine anymore
It beats in yours
Wanting to be by your side
It will keep beating
Till you call me Home ...
Till you call me home again ...

© Meghna, 2016, All rights reserved.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Past is a story
Future is another story
Present is yet another
These stories qualify life 
All these stories are strings of moments
The Present moment,
The only moment of our life
A moment...
Which becomes the past
Is the Current
And will be the future
Sitting on the most rugged couch
This moment transports one to the comfort of the splashing beach waters
That is the miraculous power of the infinte minds
Enjoy the magic of this moment
And keep flying to places untold

A recipe to absolute ecstasy
No permissions...no tickets...no restrictions
Just sheer madness....
A Deep Connection with thy soul

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eleven Minutes...

Those Eleven Minutes
Were they Real or a dream ?
We kept walking hands-in-hands
An earnest desire
A small wish
Craving for a make-believe reality
But do fantasies manifest ?
Yes, they do. I have seen them.
They are now my reality.


Just like the free-flowing river
I moved with eternal faith
Filled with dejection during days of rejection
But the sublime faith questioned me,
Is a Soul ever Rejected ?
The Supreme never rejects any Soul
It just puts it in the furnace of Life
Creating diamond out of ashes...
My heart glitched for a moment with ego creeping my soul
The pondering mind started questioning...
Am I still callow after all the hardships ?
When will the unrelenting testing come to an end ?

Till when will I be subjected to this furnace of affliction ?
The Divine never fails to still the restless mind
The Voice witihin uttered...
What is a life without any hardships
One values bliss only after a dark night
Only during such dark nights can you feel comforted in the Beatific Embrace
Welcome each such dark night with courage
Transform darkness into light with your Smile
Mustering all the courage for another dark night
I continued flowing downstream like the
unremitting river
Embracing all the boulders,
Smoothening each such boulder with the unparalalled courage
Hoping to meet the ocean one day :-)

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Desire to live...

Leaning by the window
In an attempt to end this uncertainity
The dew-drops fell from the mango tree
Clinging on to her cheek
As if the tree was pleading her
not to give up but to tread

The mooing of sheep-offspring
from the green meadows
Appealing to live life happy
Freeing the soul from any burden
Breaking any mount of expectations

The swaying trees
Spreading the warm scent in the air
Inviting her to dance
dance to the tune of life
and not to make it sour

She rose to the rythym
With a beaming uncanny spirit
Walked through the narrow pavement
covered with gravels
surrounded by rhododendrons

Shedding away the mundane desires
Dismissing the unwanted stress
She was ready to rebounce,
Walk upright with her invented faith,
which instilled in her a desire
a desire to live !!

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


i kept wandering 
dry and thirsty
feeling deserted
water could not satisfy me
strange it is
my thirst was quenched
i found elixir in the desert
an elixir heavy to drink
the more i drink
the thirstier i get
i am addicted
the more i get to know
the lesser it appears
i keep treading in this desert of life
exhilarated by this elixir
in a distance i see
a tree, tall and stern
adorning a ripe fruit
adding to the beauty of this desert
the nearer i approached,
the plump beauty
dissociated itself from the tree
it's time was done
now it will gratify my hunger
so is the life we live
every soul is prescribed
a potion of this elixir
when this dosage is completed
we detach from the physical realm
leaving memories and learning
to appease someone else's hunger
so is the cycle of life and death
the more i drink this elixir
the thirstier i become
waiting for this prescription
prescription of life to end :)

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Inner calling.

Since last night I have been having mental monologues regarding few life essentials. Oozing them out in words:

Sincerity, honesty and mindfulness are the 3 pillars of life. Dispensing with these 3 aspects makes life futile.
A true seeker takes care of his actions, thoughts and words.
Right actions - sincerity. Right thoughts - mindfulness.  
Right words - honesty.
Why do we live to impress and not to express. In the process of impressing, we compromise on these essentials of life.
Sincerity invites you to ponder over a situation, to try to choose the best course of action, even if it is against your desires.
Mindfulness invites one being totally aware, not only of actions but also thoughts.
Honesty is much more than truthfulness. A spade is a spade, that is the truth. But calling a good spade a good one and a bad one as a bad, is honesty.

The day when we stop impressing, the road to the Supreme becomes more fun-filled.
The gap between impressing and the reality is mere suffering.
We Humans generally  quench our ego by doing things which hampers the path to the Supreme Truth.
Spirituality is not  simply searching for the light outside but it is the search of the light within.
And this light comprises of 3 main ingredients: sincerity, honesty and mindfulness.
It is a journey, not the destination and every bit of this journey is thrilling and worth-living.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I keep forgetting the past
Future does not bother me anymore
Neither do I identify the present

Yesterday is gone
Belongs to History

Who has known the Future
There is no guarantee

Only present is the truth
Thus adding to reality
But do I have an affair with this reality ?

Preferring fiction over reality
Floating in my own dreamworld
Gradually this dreamworld becoming my reality

Indulging in visualizations
Past,present,future losing their significance

The only world I cling onto
Is this dreamworld
I created it
I am living it

One day...
This fantasy will speak reality...

Enjoying every bit of this complexity ...

© Meghna, 2013, All rights reserved.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

For You, Maa Anandmaayi :-)


I looked at you
Tranquilized by your magnetism
Soothed by your serenity
Captivated by your beauty
Overwhelmed by emotions
Tried running away
But how far could i run ?
Your mysterious eyes
Kept chasing me

All I now know is,
I devote myself to you

I want to be your instrument
Yearning for your infinite love
Pure Light
Pure Devotion

© Meghna, 2013, All rights reserved.

Monday, August 5, 2013



.... focus on happiness
Increasing faith multifold
Thus eradicating sadness

.... just notice innocence
Securing the kid within
Hence erasing the greed

.... envisage peace
Spreading joy around
So eliminating violence

.... see only white
Illuminating all lives
So subtracting black

.... relish the present
Satiating the greed
Hence removing the lack

.... see only the Source
Expanding godliness within
Thus ripping out the evil

.... just spread Love 
Filled with devotion
So detaching from hatred

.... Cogitate

© Meghna, 2013, All rights reserved.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just a Thought ....


It is 5th August, 2013...3:15 AM....this engaging thought deprives me of my sleep...
Wondering why we humans give so much importance to money.
Tend to lose our peace of mind, happiness, love, humanity, all  just for the sake of this piece of paper.
Problem is , we are running after money and not humanity. 

The day we mandate humanity, let the profits and efforts be used for lighting up not  one but millions of homes....life force will start flowing effortlessly. 
Let us follow this upstream flow.
Money is just a by product of this upstream flow and not the main product :-)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dash Of Disapassion in My Life ....

Gaping by the window in wonder
Passionate to see the sweet spring
Spectacular Green surrounds me
Blooming Pink refurbishing my senses
Wishing time to come to a stand-still
I push off with a thrill

Times flies off...

Morning Dawns
Yawning by the window
Dispirited Brown surrounds me
Embarking forlorn blistering Summer in my life
Dried Rattling leaves suppress my senses
Wishing time to pass by soon
I push off in despair

Time flies off...

Standing in anguish
Harbinger of good times comes in as
An abrupt knock on the door
A smiling face with a bunch of flowers
Eager to enter the vase
Abandoning despondence
Gifting me a smile
I push off with a ray of light

Time flies off...

Drained by the burning sun outside
I enter joyously
Waiting to see the callowness of flowers
Sight of withered petals
Abjects me...

Wondering when this vicious circle
of hope and despair will end

A divine sound inside me echoes:
"Add a morsel of dispassion to your life"
Making it simpler
Taming your emotions....
Not craving to abate passion for Love
But to annihilate feverishness for results
Enjoy every tit-bit of present
Then u will start enjoying the blues in life too !!

Mysterious are his ways.........
Making me genial....
Now I push off with non perishable Love and Smile.....
With a dash of dispassion in my life !!

© Meghna, 2011, All rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

He Is There...

Withering away restlessness
He Blesses me...
Suspending agitations
He comforts me...
Overcoming my inhibitions
He smiles on my heroic deeds :))

Citing meaning of renunciation
He pacifies me...
Teaching me sense of togetherness
He makes me amorous...
Unveiling the vibrant colors in me
He glorifies life...

Endowing choices in my life
He simplifies it...
Destroying my internal demons
He consecrates me...
Imbibing music in my life
He mesmerizes me...

Filling my life with action
He bedazzles me...
Making my life fun-filled
He stays with me day and night

© Meghna, 2011, All rights reserved.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colors in My Life !!

Continuous toil
Endless Strife
Tranquil Mornings
Restless Nights
Keep telling my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Limitless Skies blue and gray
Proclaim life changes day by day
Fresh Orange Dawn to fading yellow Dusk
Keep Singing in Rhyme
To tell my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Deep red rushing inside me
Sets my heart and mind on the lee
When the cupid strikes
With its enriching might
Suggesting my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Mourning black strikes my Life
With evil Satan creeping in Life
Striving to dampen my lively spirit
To let me down with my right
It just suggests my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

Shades of gray I carry as I grow wise
Are over-shadowed by the green
Making me feel like a new born child
Overwhelming my life
Suggesting my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

With many more colors in my life
I try Clinging onto white
Free from sin and so light
Depicting majestic patience & enduring might
Encapsulating various colors
White suggests my mind
My life is full of might
The might Of colors in my life

© Meghna, 2011, All rights reserved.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Waiting for the Rain in My Life !!

It's raining in my city
From the burdened clouds of mournful grey
Spectacular green striking all over
Kids in mirth
People in gay
But I am still the same
With a bright light in my eyes
Waiting for a downpour in my Life
With a Storm inside me
I keep the Lord in my Sight
I demand you O Lord
Sooth the atrocities i am subjected to
Waiting for his counsel
Waiting for eternal peace
My heart cries out to Lord
Teach me the art to deal with the pain,
people give with their spoken-unspoken words
Heal my heart with that magical drop
That magical drop of rain !!

© Meghna, 2011, All rights reserved.

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Ode To Life

I heard once, Stillness is what creates Love , Movement is what creates Life, to be "still" and still "moving" - that is everything. But for me that is Life :)

Today I am again alive
Thinking Life is Magical
Thinking Life is wondrous

Having wounded by the sniffles and hardships
Life offered me the art of endurance
I soon realized Life is a perfect instrument
Playing tunes of happiness, hardest blows and tenderness.

Throughout Loneliness haunted me
Having tremendously bruised by despair
Life gifted me with patience
Life gave me the deep unbounded faith in the Almighty
Thus offering me the ray of Hope

Walking through the long, narrow,thorny and curvaceous roads of Life
I promise you Life to Smile
I promise to make others believe in Life
My ambition in Life remains
Not to Let you down "Life"

-One of the Life Strugglers "Meghna"

Here I Start :)

I firstly want to thank the angel of God for inspiring me to start with my Blog.

After a lot of brainstorming , on what to begin with, I finally decided to start with my heartfelt topics on my best friend and guide, GOD.
So, finally I start up with a tribute to the most adorable and magical force in my Life "God"

My heartfelt tribute to The Magician Of My Lonely Life "Lord"

Lord, I ask for forgiveness for showing lack of faith in your existence during tough,hard-hitting and harsh times in life. I thank you for all the mercies received.I must ask for forgiveness, for showing scanty belief in you and your limitless, endless and magical powers during the time life offered the biggest blows to me. But, now I realize that all happened to make me the Human I am today. Please never leave my hand, and keep showing me the righteous and bright path in Life. Make me the most humble, truthful and loyal beings on earth, so I can stand upright and ask for the most deserving invaluable dreams of my Life. Make me dauntless and courageous for facing the pains I have to be subjected to. Give me no pride, give me the humbleness to understand others pain and make make that my own. I know you are, you will and always remain with me. Fill me with your benedictions.

I love you God and am not afraid to share this with the world and spread your word.

Thank You Lord for everything.

This is your Ardent Disciple Meghna