Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just a Random Thought !

Life is not about the number of moments we breathe, but the moments which take our breath away !

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Followed and Led

Following His voice mellifluous
I was led to a place
Where clouds are dotted by doves' delight

Following His eyes affectionate
I was led to a season where roses and lavender
bewitch the senses delight

Following His robe seamless
I was led to a teaching
where Mercy and Love
are Divine's delight

Following His smile warm
I was led to a palace
where kindness prevails
the mood's delight

Following His Will Holy
I was led to a Reality
where harsh winter
is also spring's delight

© Meghna, 2016, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Till ...

I kept running
Hopping streets
Fleeting interests
With a Broken Soul ...

All the while
I kept on hoping
A day will come
When you will be here by me
So close that I could die ....

The night was near
Darkness covered me
Evening was leaving
The sun said goodbye ...

Glancing at my past
Smiling with a sigh
All efforts of finding you
Seemed futile ...

With high Winds and storms in my mind
Setting myself on a rock
I sought you earnestly
To take my mind off me ...

Trembling with hopelessness
Withering flames
Drifting away
With wounded soul and salted cheeks
I went lifeless ...

When a soft touch covered me
Like a soft yellow sunshine
Afloat in the clouds
Gentle showers covered my face
Soakin' in your Divine mercy
Infusing hope into my lifeless heart
You took me into your loving arms ...

My heart is not mine anymore
It beats in yours
Wanting to be by your side
It will keep beating
Till you call me Home ...
Till you call me home again ...

© Meghna, 2016, All rights reserved.