Friday, September 26, 2014


Past is a story
Future is another story
Present is yet another
These stories qualify life 
All these stories are strings of moments
The Present moment,
The only moment of our life
A moment...
Which becomes the past
Is the Current
And will be the future
Sitting on the most rugged couch
This moment transports one to the comfort of the splashing beach waters
That is the miraculous power of the infinte minds
Enjoy the magic of this moment
And keep flying to places untold

A recipe to absolute ecstasy
No restrictions
Just sheer madness....
A Deep Connection with thy soul

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eleven Minutes...

Those Eleven Minutes
Were they Real or a dream ?
We kept walking hands-in-hands
An earnest desire
A small wish
Craving for a make-believe reality
But do fantasies manifest ?
Yes, they do. I have seen them.
They are now my reality.


Just like the free-flowing river
I moved with eternal faith
Filled with dejection during days of rejection
But the sublime faith questioned me,
Is a Soul ever Rejected ?
The Supreme never rejects any Soul
It just puts it in the furnace of Life
Creating diamond out of ashes...
My heart glitched for a moment with ego creeping my soul
The pondering mind started questioning...
Am I still callow after all the hardships ?
When will the unrelenting testing come to an end ?

Till when will I be subjected to this furnace of affliction ?
The Divine never fails to still the restless mind
The Voice witihin uttered...
What is a life without any hardships
One values bliss only after a dark night
Only during such dark nights can you feel comforted in the Beatific Embrace
Welcome each such dark night with courage
Transform darkness into light with your Smile
Mustering all the courage for another dark night
I continued flowing downstream like the
unremitting river
Embracing all the boulders,
Smoothening each such boulder with the unparalalled courage
Hoping to meet the ocean one day :-)

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Desire to live...

Leaning by the window
In an attempt to end this uncertainity
The dew-drops fell from the mango tree
Clinging on to her cheek
As if the tree was pleading her
not to give up but to tread

The mooing of sheep-offspring
from the green meadows
Appealing to live life happy
Freeing the soul from any burden
Breaking any mount of expectations

The swaying trees
Spreading the warm scent in the air
Inviting her to dance
dance to the tune of life
and not to make it sour

She rose to the rythym
With a beaming uncanny spirit
Walked through the narrow pavement
covered with gravels
surrounded by rhododendrons

Shedding away the mundane desires
Dismissing the unwanted stress
She was ready to rebounce,
Walk upright with her invented faith,
which instilled in her a desire
a desire to live !!

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


i kept wandering 
dry and thirsty
feeling deserted
water could not satisfy me
strange it is
my thirst was quenched
i found elixir in the desert
an elixir heavy to drink
the more i drink
the thirstier i get
i am addicted
the more i get to know
the lesser it appears
i keep treading in this desert of life
exhilarated by this elixir
in a distance i see
a tree, tall and stern
adorning a ripe fruit
adding to the beauty of this desert
the nearer i approached,
the plump beauty
dissociated itself from the tree
it's time was done
now it will gratify my hunger
so is the life we live
every soul is prescribed
a potion of this elixir
when this dosage is completed
we detach from the physical realm
leaving memories and learning
to appease someone else's hunger
so is the cycle of life and death
the more i drink this elixir
the thirstier i become
waiting for this prescription
prescription of life to end :)

© Meghna, 2014, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Inner calling.

Since last night I have been having mental monologues regarding few life essentials. Oozing them out in words:

Sincerity, honesty and mindfulness are the 3 pillars of life. Dispensing with these 3 aspects makes life futile.
A true seeker takes care of his actions, thoughts and words.
Right actions - sincerity. Right thoughts - mindfulness.  
Right words - honesty.
Why do we live to impress and not to express. In the process of impressing, we compromise on these essentials of life.
Sincerity invites you to ponder over a situation, to try to choose the best course of action, even if it is against your desires.
Mindfulness invites one being totally aware, not only of actions but also thoughts.
Honesty is much more than truthfulness. A spade is a spade, that is the truth. But calling a good spade a good one and a bad one as a bad, is honesty.

The day when we stop impressing, the road to the Supreme becomes more fun-filled.
The gap between impressing and the reality is mere suffering.
We Humans generally  quench our ego by doing things which hampers the path to the Supreme Truth.
Spirituality is not  simply searching for the light outside but it is the search of the light within.
And this light comprises of 3 main ingredients: sincerity, honesty and mindfulness.
It is a journey, not the destination and every bit of this journey is thrilling and worth-living.